STONEMAN - The unique MTB adventure

STONEMAN - horská cyklotrasa
STONEMAN - horská cyklotrasa
STONEMAN - horská cyklotrasa

Conquering some of the highest peaks of the Ore Mountains the Stoneman Miriquidi runs on forestry paths, single trail passages and through a few villages.

On each summit a punch press as well as an info board featuring a map and description of the upcoming section is located. Each logis partnermarks the perfect start for your Stoneman Miriquidi adventure. The well signposted mountain bike round trip runs anticlockwise.

Based on your level of fitness and time, we recommend conquering this unique MTB route in one, two or three days.

Biking with a starter pack you also qualify for the hand-made Stoneman-trophy designed by Roland Stauder, founder of the Stoneman, MTB Marathon World Series Champion and Transalp Champion founder of Stoneman and for your entry onto the official finisher list as well.